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Welcome !

My name is Arthur Bricq, I am a robotic master student at EPFL passionated by new technologies. This is my personal website where you will discover my passions, my skills and a few projects.

Discover some of my projects at this Project Explorer Page.

You can find my resume in the Contact Page.

My formation includes a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at EPFL and a M.S. of Science in Robotics also at EPFL, during which I was part of the Excellency Scholarship program. I also studied abroad 1 year at UBC (Vancouver) and 1 year in Sao Paulo (Brasil). I am fluent in French, English and Portugues ; and I try to be fluent in Italian !

I am currently looking for an internship (4 to 6 months), starting on August / September.

This website - by the way - was made fully by myself, in React using Gatsby (to be deployed statically...). Though I am no expert in design, I hope you appreciate the experience and feel free to give me hints on how to make it better.


Being a Robotic Engineer require a set of many different skills. It is mostly for this reason I decided to go for robotics: keep an general knowledge, be a system expert.

I have gained experienced in mostly 3 fields: Programming, Electronics & Mechanics. Programmation was always something I enjoyed. Mechanical Engineering is something I learned during my bachelor. As for Electronics, I learned a lot during my master. Here is an overview of my skills.

High-Level Programming

  • Python

    Machine Learning / Data Science / Deep Learning / Robotics / Computer Vision

  • Swift

    iOS Mobile or Desktop applications (Apple Ecosystem)

  • Java

    Android Mobile Applications, Desktop Applications, Scientific Computing

  • Matlab

    Scientific Computing, Data Science

  • JavaScript

    React (like this website) & React Native

Low-Level Programming

  • C / C++

    Programming microcontrollers

  • PCB Design

    Design of PCBs (using Kicad) with manufacturing

  • Motor Control

    Using microcontrollers


  • Linux

    Linux Proficiency and long personal interest in the open source community.

  • ROS2

    Robot OS (ubuntu) experience

  • Embebbed electronics

    I was always a fan of Raspberry Pis, and I worked a lot with a Jetson Nano

Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical Design

    I have experience with Catia and with Simulink.

More about me

So since this is about me, let's reveal my biggest passion. Well, I am quite into outdoor sports ! I love to be outside, even if it is just for a walk in the forest, or for what I call 'microadventures' (be out for the weekends) up to weeks-long hikes during my vacations. For the winter times, I enjoy alpine skying, backcountry skying or snowshoeing tours. And for when the sun is back, I try to spend as many weekends as possible sleeping under my tent, walking during the days and then enjoying landscapes like this one.

Being quite concerned about the climate problems, I try to care about my environmental footprint. I believe that science has a big role to play in the incoming years to 'save' our planet. In my hopes, there is at the jonction of Low-Techs and High-Techs a set of local solutions that could be the keys to many troubles.

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